Payment Page for Applicants

When working on your application form in Princeton's GPS platform, please do not click the "Submit" button until you are completely done. Once you click "Submit" you will not be able to edit your application any further. If you accidentally click "Submit" before you are done, email to request that your application be reopened (this will take 24-48 hours).

You MUST pay your nonrefundable application fee online before submitting an application. Please use the link below to complete your payment via PayPal ($100 for all applicants unless you have received a response from PiLA confirming you are eligible for an application fee reduction – see related instructions* below). Once you have completed the payment, make sure to copy the text from the confirmation email you receive and paste it in the appropriate field at the end of the online application questionnaire.

*Applicants who are Pell Grant recipients or federal financial aid recipients may be eligible for a reduced application fee. To submit your request, email, attaching a legible copy of your current financial aid award letter (not the FAFSA) with a subject line of either "Pell Grant" or "Financial Aid" (whichever applies). We will respond with further instructions.

See the item in our FAQ page that describes the costs you may need to cover as a PiLA Fellow.

Applicant Payments

Pay via PayPal (because PiLA is a nonprofit, PayPal automatically shows a "donate" button, but rest assured that your payment will be logged in connection with your application).