Are PiLA fellowships paid positions? What do Fellows do at the end of their term?

Generally only at the subsistence level, to cover housing, utilities, food, local work-related transport, and personal essentials. Fellows should expect to live modestly in local terms. All stakeholders (the fellow, the partner organization, and PiLA) invest in the cost of the fellowship. Fellows generally cover or find outside help to cover airfare and mandatory overseas insurance.

PiLA fellowships are not money-making posts, but they afford a unique opportunity to launch an international public-sector career. Some PiLA fellows serve for a second year as senior fellows, or are hired by our partners after completing their year of service. PiLA alumni have gone on to a range of graduate and career pursuits (masters and doctoral programs, law, medicine, business), often internationally oriented. PiLA board members and former PiLA fellows (the Fellows Advisory Council) are also important advisory resources.